About Dr. Joseph

Dr. Joseph graduated from the University of Dayton in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University in 1986.

Dr. Joseph has over 25 years of experience, including companion animal medicine and surgery, rural medicine and practice ownership in southeastern Ohio, relief, and emergency veterinary medicine. She has an array of animals; dogs, cats, goats, horses and kids!

Dr. Joseph formerly served on the Board of the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic and continues to be active in community affairs with a special interest in empowerment training for women and children. 

Dr. Joseph is part of author Katrina Kittle's inspiration for her novel, The Blessings of the Animals which is about a veterinary practice. Ms. Kittle acknowledged Dr. Joseph by saying:

Dr. Kathy Joseph... answered countless veterinary questions and allowed me to shadow her at her clinic... Thank you for my stay in your magical cottage, for my big, silly boy-cat, and, most of all, for your inspiration, affirmation, and friendship.

In July 2012 Dr. Joseph was pleased to find herself nominated for the My Vet's the Best contest by a grateful client:

Nomination story: Denise's Shih Tzu, Millie, developed a very large kidney stone after her husband lost his job and they lost their home. The Hemsaths had no discretionary funds and no money for surgery. After being turned down by other veterinarians, Denise was upset, distraught and desperate when she called Dr. Joseph at My Favorite Pet Animal Clinic. Dr. Joseph immediately performed the life-saving surgery for Millie and set up a payment plan that worked for the family's situation. Dr. Joseph even offered Denise a job at the clinic. Now that's taking care of the whole family!
Kathy A. Joseph, DVM

Kathy A. Joseph, DVM


"I looked long and hard to find a place that met my criteria for "kitty care." I wanted a professional, knowledgeable doctor and staff, folks that genuinely liked animals and had compassion for pets and their owners, and a clean, modern facility - and I found all of these at My Favorite Pet."

— Grateful Client