Bailey Joseph: June 2003 - August 2014

Bailey Joseph: June 2003 - August 2014

“She did a perfect job of loving me and everyone else without exception” – Dr. Kathleen Joseph

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Welcome to My Favorite Pet

My Favorite Pet is owned by veterinarians who believe that healthy pets are important to the overall health of a community. In addition to the wellness benefits pets bring to their owners, animals offer us all a great example of living life whole-heartedly. 

At My Favorite Pet, we strive to bring this kind of authenticity to everything we do. Our word is important to us, as are the actions we take to back it up. We will treat you and your animals with compassion, respect and our full attention. Our goal is that you know, when we are working with your animals that they are our favorite pet.

"Dreams of Our Pets" "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals"                         - Immanuel Kant

"Dreams of Our Pets"

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals"                         - Immanuel Kant

Lama Rigzin, a Buddhist Monk and friend of Dr. Joseph is once again visiting the US and My Favorite Pet. Rigzin comes to us from Nepal, where he is the administrator of a monastery and boys' school. Our western culture is becoming more apparent than ever there and he is here to become more familiar with not only western business practice, but conversational English.