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BE AWARE VANDALIA RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES!!! There is currently a telemarketing scam happening. The scam says you owe money on a past bill or your power will be shut off. DO NOT PAY MONEY OR GIVE ANY INFORMATION OUT!!! If you should ever have issues, you will receive mail correspondence in the same manner you receive a bill. If you have any problems, contact Vandalia Division of Police at 937-898-5868.

The fake company will give this number to call and provide payment: 844-217-5679. DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENTS!!!!!!

DP&L is aware of the scam and working on resolving the scam.


For the months of February and March only, My Favorite Pet is pleased to offer all senior pets (over 7 years of age) a “Total Body Function” screening; Including 'Superchem', 'Complete Blood Count' (CBC) and 'Thyroid' (T4).

For a temporary reduced cost of $134 (10% savings) you can have peace of mind in knowing your senior pet’s continued good health is in the best hands. Furthermore, the customary Technician Fee of $12 will be waived.

“Now’s the time to take advantage of this one-time offer.”

It is highly recommended that your senior pet have these tests on an annual basis.

Your pet's results will be reviewed by a veterinarian; if results are outside normal ranges a doctor's visit is recommended.

Contact our office at 937-898-4811 or select this email address (info@myfavoritepet.net) to schedule your appointment today!

My Favorite Pet appreciates and encourages client feedback regardless of the nature of said feedback, because without it we are not able to meet our clients' needs. It is the utmost desire of My Favorite Pet - Vandalia Veterinary Clinic to provide excellent products and services at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in the inclusion of our clients as team-members in the treatment and care of their favorite pet(s).

My Favorite Pet is owned by veterinarians who believe that healthy pets are important to the overall health of a community. In addition to the wellness benefits pets bring to their owners, animals offer us all a great example of living life whole-heartedly. 

At My Favorite Pet, we strive to bring this kind of authenticity to everything we do. Our word is important to us, as are the actions we take to back it up. We will treat you and your animals with compassion, respect and our full attention. Our goal is that you know, when we are working with your animals that they are our favorite pet.